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CAWA Bakery is an artisan bakehouse situated within diverse and multicultural city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire.


Started as part of CAWA Coffee, an artisan coffee shop with a difference, CAWA Bakery quickly established itself as the most popular bakery in the neighborhood, supplying delicious fresh artisan bread and patisserie seven days a week. We do home deliveries directly to households in the Sheffield area and send bread all over the UK through a mail delivery system.


We specialise in baking sourdough breads and viennoiserie. And we also make great sandwiches using our famous sourdough breads and top quality local ingredients.




We are passionate about our products. Everything is hand made using traditional artisan baking methods. We love baking, and we love innovation. We work closely with both Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University to blend the newest most innovative trends with the most traditional artisan methods. And we do not use gelatin in our products. 

Why does our sourdough taste so good?

  • We use long fermentation methods, organic flour, no artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Our bread takes 3 days to make.


Why is our sourdough great for your gut?

  • Lactic fermentation produces lots of good bacteria for the gut.

  • Long fermentation breaks down phenolic acids allowing micro nutrients into your digestive system.

  • Slow proving of the bread breaks down difficult to digest gluten.

Artisan Bread
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